Why Aqsa

We have been created to be of the people of Paradise, so why we are on earth?

         The question that comes to our minds now is that if we are creatures to be one of the people of Paradise, then why we are on earth? Why did the Almighty Allah say to the angels, ‘I will create in the earth a Khalifa’  (Baqarah 30 )


 In our attempt to understand this, let’s assume that Allah enters us all in Jannah, then where will our place be therein? As Jannah has all different levels and degrees. And each level is different to the other according to its owner, then how will it be determined who is where In Jannah?

         The answer to this question can be that two scenarios are possible 1.  Either we eagerly compete to enter Paradise and reach whichever degrees we reach. 2. Or Allah place each one according to his capacity and quality which we deserve.

        In the first scenario, the person  where a person takes the Jannah which he can reach to,  then he will ponder that why couldn’t I get the level above me and will despise the person who beats him and reaches a higher level. He will think ‘What he did to deserve this preference?  What he has done is I did not I do it?’ Thus these questions will continue and he will not be satisfied.
         But if Allah was to place us according to our capacities, then people would have bad thoughts of injustice for Allah, which Allah is pure from. In both cases, paradise would be a place of disorder and not a place of peace as Allah has ordered it to be.  


This, it was necessary to test the people on themselves and on others , hence Allah created life and death and the creation of the heavens and the earth and the creation of grades to choose our level in Paradise. Allah says in the Quran ‘They say: Praise be to Allah, Who hath fulfilled His promise unto us and hath made us inherit the land, sojourning in the Garden where we will! So bounteous is the wage of workers.’ (Zumur 74)


Yes, all of us is to choose to take his place and degree and Blessing in Paradise, and the greatest of degrees; as the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us: ‘Indeed in paradise there are a hundred degrees, Allah has prepared them for the in the path of Allah. between each level is as between the heaven and earth’ (Sahih Bukhari),


In the life on earth, all of us have the same opportunity to reach the highest or to choose to be the last to enter. Or some even choose not to entry, or even choose to enter the fire of hell, God forbid, to such an extents that the infidel chooses to enter the fire, even though he had a chance  in the word to gain Jannah.

In the Hadith it is stated: ‘All of my ummah will enter Paradise except those who refuse. The companions asked: ‘O Messenger of Allah , Who refuses? The Prophet said: ‘’Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise , and whoever disobeys me has refused  (Sahih Bukhari) .